AwhuuMusic Getwet Pool Party2019 

GetWetPoolParty is an annual events organize on 25th December in every year at KRISVIEW HOTEL, by a label and an events organizers known as AwhuuMusic (AwhuuNation) and this is the third edition so far.

AwhuuMusic is a strong talented,business minded couple of youths who are together to make their vision known.

  The idea behind the GetWetPoolParty is to enhance promote up and coming talents like Dancer’s ,Dj’s ,Journalist ,MC’s ,Photographers ,Camera men ,Video editor and Artists, talking about artist ,two (2) artist are signed to the AwhuuMusic Label and this artist are “@nanabansong (NANA B ANSONG) a rap Gospel artist and @2yung_xclusive (2YUNG XCLUSIVE) a hiplife artist. 

   This years GetWetPoolParty will make a difference and will also be more fun compared to the previous ones, this year we have a group of arts joining hands with the Awhuu Music team to make this years event more and more fun, we have DEON CONCEPT taking videos of the POOL side and the RED CARPET SECTION , we also have ALICIA MEDIA / STATUS TV taking photos everything that goes on at the events and will also have a free photo shoot for each and everyone who is interested at the events, we have MILLER’s CONSULT & BRANDING taking in charge of all our artwork being POSTERS,TICKET,BANNERS,FLIERS etc . We also have (REDBOXGH) ,they will upload everything about the events and be promoting the events on all social media .

  There will be many side attraction to make the events unforgettable , like SINGING & RAP competition ,DANCING competition ,TWERKING COMPETITION etc.  There will be a FREE PHOTO SHOOT ,a RED CARPET SECTION and an ARTISTS PERFORMANCES , we have the best DJ’s ,MC’s and a RED CARPET HOST, and a SURPRISE ARTIST to grease the occasion .

  So tell a friend to tell another friend , a brother to tell another brother , ladies tell your boyfriends ,mama bring your kids to have an unforgettable and a memorious fun. The program starts 10 am in the morning and close 11 pm or 12 pm midnight . the rate is cool 20 Cedis only.      DON”T MISS IT


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