Fans laments and complain about 2YUNG XCLUSIVE being off the scenes for so long, the fans hit both on 2yung Xclusives fan page on facebook and even on whatsapp , The loyal fans said “after the FAMAWOMO Video shoot the brand has been off the scene ,not releasing songs like before ,not head of any performances or even an upcoming events’.

  So we REDBOXGH-NEWS contacted their management team (AwhuuMusic) to find out if what the loyal fans of the brand are saying is nothing but the real truth , also wanting to know the real truth, we decided to contact two (2) of their managers being ASANTE MICHAEL known as Phenomenon Speedoo and EDWARD OSEI known as RICKY MILLER but they all said the same thing.

 They said “2YUNG XCLUSIVE being the sale and money making brand sign under the AwhuuMusic label have the sight of the management team always thinking about how to explore ,them being out of the scene for some time now is just because they are working hard on many projects , they had been in the studio day and night recording uncountable songs and has also been shooting some series of music videos , they are doing all this because they have a target to meet, according to them they promise the fans of giving them the best at this years GetWetPoolParty afterwards there will be collaborations with many of the big limelight artists in GH which is said to be a surprise  and also with a breakthrough ALBUM LAUNCH, and many surprises will follow.

 They continued by saying “ Nobody should miss out on any performances by 2YUNG XCLUSIVE at this year’s GetWetPoolParty because they are really prepared and have more to deliver , also we the management team have more surprises for each and everyone who will be at the events on 25th December 2019″ .  

One thing people shouldn’t miss is our RED CARPET SECTION, We are giving out free tickets to 50 ladies ,so don’t bother to come alone because we will get you a comforter.  

 Thanks be to God Almighty for how far he brought the brand and thanks to the fans for thinking about the future of the brand 2YUNG XCLUSIVE  and we promise to make the fans delighted ,so they won’t loose hope in our brand.



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